Work in Progress

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Work in Progress ist eine Veranstaltung der Hamburg Kreativ GmbH mit Kampnagel


The P2P-Commons Economy, the automation of knowledge work, and the future of work

The last decennium has seen the combined emergence of peer production, i.e. a contributive economy that produces commons; and huge advances in artificial intelligence that may threaten an increasing number of cognitive ‘jobs’. In this lecture, we will start from the hypothesis that the emergence of peer to peer is potentially a solution for the problems generated by the second, on the condition that we can construct an appropriate political economy around it. However, as outlined in four future scenarios for the emerging collaborative economy, the current appropriation of these productive and social gains by extractive private platforms tend to increase the contradictions instead of solving them, so new structures of value production and distribution are needed, based on a productive civil society, a ethical market economy, and a partner state model.